For the Cause

How do you raise money and awareness 'for the cause'?

This is why we are here.  Over the next year I will get distracted, I will stumble, and I will test my resolve as I aim to raise money for my cause.  All the while sharing what I learn along the way for the benefit of others.

I am not the first to try to raise money for charity, nor am I the first to write about my attempts (note to self, look for other blogs about raising money for charity),  so why read on?

Honestly, if you are reading this at the beginning, you are probably my family or a close friend.  A few months in, maybe someone that I met along the way and is curious.  Hopefully, if you find this later on in my journey, it is because I have done something good for my cause, you heard about my work, and sought out this site to replicate my success for your cause.

No matter what the reason, thank you for coming, please stay awhile, and I hope you find something worth your time.

Best  Wishes
---Robert Pionke